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Montessori Bambinos


Our Bambinos Classes cater for children aged 0-2 years. These are carer and child sessions that last 50 mins. The sessions are led by one of of Montessori staff and have a maximum of 8 children per session. Charged at £5 a class. Payments are made half-termly.


We will start these sessions on Friday November the 4th (TBC) and they will run as follows:


9:30-10:20am Treasure Baskets (sitting to mobile)

10:30-11:20am Heuristic Play (mobile to age 18 months)

11:30- 12:20pm Early Montessori (18 months to 2yrs)


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*Our little observors class will run next term for children aged 0-6 months

This class is suitable once your child is able to sit until they are fully mobile (6-12 months approx). Each child is given a lovely natural basket filled with carefully selected materials that provide a rich sensorial experience.

Babies all explore the items in their own unique way- some enjoy carefully studying each item, others like to remove all items in quick succession and some spend most thier time watching other babies exploring thier baskets.

Parents /carers are encouraged to take the time to just sit back and observe their little one explore while listening to calming music.

Classes have a maximum of 8 children per session..

Once your child is able to move independantly they are ready for the heuristic play class (12- 18 months approx). Within the carefully prepared environment your child is encouraged to explore the beautiful range of rich materials on offer.

Children can walk up the ramp and refine their motor skills or move objects around the room to discover how things relate to each other. They materials on offer allow the children to independantly explore cause and effect.

Classes have a maximum of 8 children per class.

/These preparatory classes are suitable for children aged 19months - 24 months. The enviroment now follows that of a Montessori class. The early Montessori materials on offer allow purposeful activity and fosters a childs natural inclination to learn life skills while stimulating periods of concentration.

As the child carries out their purposeful task we see a gradual progression towards a 'cycle of work', where the child selects their own activity, takes it to their chosen place of work, completes their activity and then carefully returns the material to its rightful place.

By attending this class your child builds their self-confidence and independence, becoming capable of inititating their own self-directed learning in preperation for nursery.

This class is highly recommended for children planning to attend Cardiff Montessori Nursery. A free taster session is available to anyone who would like to find out more.


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We will be located in the Llandaff / Pontcanna region of Cardiff


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